Lorde Befriends Porn Star James Deen On Twitter | E! Online

James Deen, Lorde

In other words, the 18-year-old singer can be BFFs with Taylor Swift , but she’s also not averse to some good-natured Twitter chat with someone at the complete opposite end official site of the spectrum, porn star James Deen! It first happened over the weekend that the adult film actor, 28, tweeted how he’d “recently started listening to lorde…,” calling the native New Zealander “f–king awesome.” Lorde tweeted James back the very next day with two emoji hearts, writing, “and vice versa…adored wells tower’s gq profile a couple years back.” (FYI, it’s a good read .) James, who co-starred with Lindsay Lohan in the 2013 film The Canyons, was flattered. “@lordemusic why thank you :-),” he tweeted back. “Please forever continue to be awesome!!!!!” He even tweeted a lyric from the singer’s debut album, Young Heroine. “I’m kinda over getting told to throw my hands up in the air” @lordemusic … You understand NEWS: Why Farrah Abraham thinks James Deen is “selfish” Don’t think, though, that James is trying to bid adieu to his X-rated roots and cross over to mainstream Hollywood. As he told the New York Post last year after his feature film debut, “I have no desire to leave porn.” As it turns out, he found what goes into making a non-porno flick is much grittier than turning out an adult movie. “All the scum and stereotypically horrible stories you hear about entertainmentthey’re all true,” he said.
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