Leah & Jeremy Divorce? Couple Fights Over Money & More On ‘teen Mom 2′ – Hollywood Life

Chelsea Learns About Adams Recent Charges & Potential Jail Time On the ride home from picking Aubree up, Chelsea tried to correct her daughter for wearing her seatbelt wrong. Thats when Aubree told Chelsea that she always wore her seatbelt like that incorrectly when she was in the car with her dad, Adam Lind. This not only infuriated Chelsea, it terrified her especially because Adam had just totalled in his car in a horrific accident. Even worse? When Chelsea asked who was driving the car Farrah Abraham video for her dadAubree said Taylor Halbur , his girlfriend, was the one behind the wheel. Phew. The next day, Randy called Chelsea to tell her that he completed a search of the South Dakota judicial system and obtained a copy of Adams updated charges. It was Randy who discoveredthat Adam was charged with reckless driving, a revoked license, a suspended license, having an unregistered car and he had no insurance.
Source http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/08/06/leah-jeremy-divorce-fighting-over-money-teen-mom-2-episode-recap/

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